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Selected links for Pylos Area / Sélection de liens pour la région de Pylos

Pylos / Wikipedia (en) Informations about Pylos on the Wikipedia encyclopedia
Pylos / Messinia-guide.gr (en) This WebSite presents the most interesting destinations in Messinia
Pylos.gr (gr) The official web site of Pylos municipality (WebSite in Greek only)
Pylos.net (en-gr) The virtual home of Pylos city and his area - History, photos and culture
City of Pylos (gr) On Harry's Greece travel guide
Greecetravel.com - Messinia (en) A summary of Messinia area by Matt Barrett's
Pylos-navarino.blog (gr) News from the Area (in Greek language)

Navarino (Pilo) (en) Key dates: from 1204, Byzantine empire to 1714, the Venetians abandon
The naval battle of Navarino (en) in October 20, 1827 the naval battle of Navarino took place...
The naval battle of Navarino (en) About the naval Battle of Navarino... in October 20, 1827
The naval Battle of Pylos (en) About the naval Battle of Pylos in 425 BC during the Peloponnesian War
La bataille navale de Navarin (fr) Le 20 octobre 1827 a eu lieu la fameuse bataille navale de Navarin...
Wega Magazine (en) About Voidokilia, Paliokastro and Navarino bay Area
The palace of Nestor (en) About the Mycenaean palace of Nestor at Ano Englianos
Le palais mycénien de Nestor (fr) Le palais dit de Nestor, situé sur la colline d'Englianos
Pylos Nestor's Palace (en) About the Mycenaean palace: many links and pictures
The Palace at Pylos (en) About the Palace at Pylos in Epano Englianos
Messinian History (en) History & Culture > Messinian History from 3.000 b.C. to 1838 a.C.
Geographie - Pausanias (fr) Pausanias Description de la Messénie
La civilisation mycénienne (fr) La civilisation mycénienne, dernier âge du bronze
Dans le sillage d'Ulysse (fr) Le royaume de Nestor à Pylos
The Pylos Project (en) About the palace of Nestor at Ano Englianos
Culture.gr (gr-en) About Greek culture and history (Greek Ministry of Culture)
Odysseus.culture.gr (gr-en) Find museum, monuments and archaelogical sites (Greek Ministry of Culture)

Best accommodation at
Anna Apartements in Romanos (gr-en) Small houses in a plantation of vines for holiday near the sea in Romanos

On ornithologiki.gr (gr-en) Ornithologic program-project Life-Natura 2000 on Pylos area
On ornithologiki.gr (gr-en) Important Areas for the Birds of Greece - on Pylos-Gialova area
The project of Gialova lagoon (en) The study, which began one year after the oil spill in 1994...
Hellenic Ornithological Society (en) Volunteer project - Protection of species, conservation of Gialova Lagoon
On Agrotravel.gr (en) The fauna in the region of Pylos and Gialova Lagoon
On Trekearth.com (en) Enjoy hotos of Gialova lagoon and area (Voidokilia, etc...)
On Pylos.net (en) informations and photos about the Gialova lagoon
On Hotel Zoe (en) informations and photos about the Gialova lagoon
Gialova-Voidokilia-Gialova (routeyou.com) A walk north of Navarino Bay, at the foot of the Castle of Nestor....

The port and marina of Pylos (en) Informations by the Port Authority of Pylos
Pylos Diving Club (gr-en) P.D.C. is a union, a marine - athletic club and not a (diving) club of a profit
Pilos Marine (en) Dive Courses and locations - Boat Rental - etc...
Pandigital (gr-en) Internet cafe in Pylos
Weather - Meteo for Pylos area (en) On BBC.co.uk WebSite - 5 day forecast
LIVE-Webcam in Pylos (en) WiFi Hot-Spot: live webcam in real time at the port of Pylos
EcoTravel in Peloponnese (en-gr) Official eco-tourism site of the Peloponnese Region
AgroTravel.gr (en-gr) Official information gate to Greek rural tourism (full of tips and advices)
Ecogreek.com (en-nl) Your green guide for Greece
GNTO.gr (multilangu.) Greek National Tourism Organisation: the official WebSite
GreekFerries.gr (multilangu.) Informations and reservations for Greek ferries to Greece
01messinia.gr News-Informations about Messinia Region